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We have been organising Guided Walks for schools and colleges for many years and have found that taking a London Walk provides a method of teaching history that is entertaining and stimulating.

We have packaged together a series of guided walks around London designed especially for the education market. We tailor the walks to fit in with each school class's course of study and the national curriculum.

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starting at the Barbican, visiting Charterhouse Monastery, Smithfield and St Pauls. This tour gives the ultimate tour of the Reformation, the Tudor Dynasty and William Shakespeare's London. For further details click here:

THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON & Tudor and Stuart London

starting at Monument, and tracing the course of the Fire of London from Pudding Lane to Cock Lane - its traditional ending point. We look at life in Tudor and Stuart London contrasting the pre-fire City with the new City which rose from the ashes - we visit Wren's St Stephen's (free), and the Guildhall (free). Can be combined with visit to Museum of London. Click here for more details.

Zeppelin - World War 1 London

A walk through WW1 London following the route of the 8th Sept 1915 Zeppelin Raid. The Zeppelin followed a meandering trail above London, dropping bombs as they went. We follow the route through central London exploring early 20th Century London as we walk.


VICTORIAN LONDON - A Tale of Two Cities

A walk through Victorian London and Southwark, with an optional visit to Old Operating Theatre Museum. Dickens' London is a component of this tour, and it looks at the London that was the richest city in the world and at the poverty depicted in Dickens. Click here for more details. We do a variant of this tour which makes it the ideal companion to the 'Victorian Novel'

THE CITY OF LONDON discovering history through street names, building styles and excavation

starting at St Pauls and ending at the Museum of London we look at 2000 years of London' history and find out how we uncover the past. Can be combined with visit to Museum of London. Click here for detailed itinerary..


starting at Tower Hill and ending at the Guildhall (site of Roman Amphitheatre). Click here for detailed itinerary


starting at St Pauls, and ending at the Smithfield, we tour Medieval London visiting St Bartholemew's Monastery, the Guildhall (free), and the crypt of St Mary-le-Bow.


tracing Shakespeare's life in London, visiting the sites of the Rose and Globe Theatres and providing a complete introduction to Shakespeare's London. Click here for more details.


starting at the Museum of London, visiting the Fort Gate, London Wall, Guildhall (site of Amphitheatre), Temple of Mithras and Walbrook.


starting at St Pauls we trace the development of the City's financial role from the Roman period to today. Designed for the older pupil. We visit Guildhall (free), the Bank of England Museum (free) and end with a tour of Richard Rogers splendid Lloyds Insurance building (free). Needs to be booked at least 1 month in advance.


A walk organised by the Old Operating Theatre Museum which looks at the how life was lived in Victorian Southwark and how the authorities dealt with public health.

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We like as much notice as possible but can usually provide a walk at short notice if necessary. To proceed we need the title of the walk you require, the date, time and starting point, and an approximate idea of how many people will attend. It helps if you can also give a profile of the interests and age of your group, and how you want to fit the walk into the National Curriculum. Lunch can be taken at the Museum of London, Barbican, or Hay's Galleria in Southwark, all of which provide shelter.

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Kevin Flude on 020 8 806 3742, or write to Kevin Flude 249 Evering Road, London E5 8AL. Email

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