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The Origin of London's Success

The fame and fortune of London is based quite simply on its position along the Thames. The foresight of its founders gave London several advantages. Firstly, it offered an ideal route into the heart of Britain for sea borne trade. Here boats could shelter from storm, and can take advantage of the tides to float up and down the Thames without being dependent on the vagaries of the wind. The cost of transporting goods .....

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Legendary Origins and the Origin of London's place name

The most influential writer on the origins of Londinium was the highly controversial 12th Century cleric Geoffrey of Monmouth who wrote the seminal 'The History of the Kings of Britain' in about 1136. In this book he traces the origins of London (and Britain) back to its foundation by Brutus, great grandson of Aeneas - the Trojan.

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Julius Caesar Visits London!

When I discovered what the enemy's plans were, I led the army to the River Thames and the Territory of Cassivellaunus. There is only one place where the river can be forded, and even there with difficulty. When we reached it, I noticed large enemy forces drawn up on the opposite bank. The bank had also been fortified with sharp stakes fixed along it, and, as I discovered from prisoners and deserters, similar stakes had been driven into the river bed and were concealed beneath the water .....

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