The Museum Sector in London

Museums in London

The Museum Sector today - There are over 250 Museums in London alone. The sector is a very important and growing part of the creative and heritage industries - after the financial sector the next most important sector for London's economy.

For more information on the Museums sector and for links to the most important internet resources click here.

London's First Museums - The first Museum in Britain was John Tradescant's Ark in Lambeth. For Further information click here.  

Lecture on the origins of Museums - Click Here

Click here to explore ICT and Museums. - Museum ICT

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 Next Walk, Archaeology of Roman London, St. Paul underground Station exit 2, 10:45, 4th of June 2011

Recently published 'Divorced, Beheaded, Died' by Kevin Flude The history of Britain's Kings and Queens in Bite-Sized Chunk

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