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Paul Herbert at Averbury

Paul Herbert at Avebury

Cultural Heritage Resources

grew out of Citisights of London founded in 1982 by Kevin Flude and Paul Herbert. Both were working as archaeologists for the Museum of London, and gave occasional walks around the City excavations. They soon realised that a wider public existed for their special brand of archaeological tour and so set up a series of walks from the Museum of London. Citisights walks presented to the public the very latest archaeological discoveries delivered in an entertaining and informative fashion. The success of the walks was due to the enthusiasm of guide and customer alike, and they soon expanded from the original archaeological core to provide a unique and complete guide to London.

Louise Nicholson's Definitive Guide to London (pub. The Bodley Head) reported: 'Kevin Flude and his bright team of historians and archaeologists lead exemplary walks that reveal London's growth and the latest views and discoveries that contribute to its complex and exciting history. Their dozen walks, bursting with good information and vitality, range from historical themes (Roman, Medieval, Victorian) to London stars (Shakespeare, Pepys) and areas (S. Kensington, City, Soho). Top quality; not a dull second. To take all of them would be an ideal London introduction....'

Kevin when working at the Museum of London

Kevin Flude when working at the Museum of London


museum of london at night

Museum of London at night

Citisights' built on the success of walks and established a programme of walks, visits, tours, conferences and holidays which lead to American travel writer Arthur Frommer placing Citisights among the '7 major players' around the world in which the discerning customer: 'the readers of books, the lovers of art, the collectors of degrees ..... don't have to suffer brain death while touring'.

The founding partners specialist knowledge led to the production of Interactive Videos on the history of London, an innovative guide book to the history of London published by Virgin Books, a tape guide to the City of London, and other booklets and guides. Projects like these lead to a gradual move away from providing a schedule of Guided walks.

Guided Walks book

Buy the Book! Guide to the History of London

  Running the Old Operating Theatre Museum  

the Old Operating Theatre

The Old Operating Theatre Museum


Kevin operating on Mara at the Old Operating Theatre Museum

In 1989, Cultural Heritage Resources took over, under a management contract, the running of the Old Operating Theatre, Museum and Herb Garret. At the time the Museum was open three half days a week, and attracted around 5,000 visitors. In 1994 we won the Gulbenkian award for the 'Most Outstanding Improvements achieved on a limited budget' in 1994 and opened the Museum 7 days a week. In 2007 the Museum welcomed over 30,000 visitors for the first time, and we won the Museum and Heritage Award for Excellence for the Best Project run on a limited Budget.

the old operating theatre museum
  road scholar  

Elerhostellers at the BM

road scholar travellers at the BM

In 1982 Kevin Flude and Paul Herbert began giving walks for the American Charity road scholar. Soon the walks became, courses and by 1992, CHR begun coordination of a whole suite of week long courses for road scholar. The courses ranged from Roman London to English Mystery Novels and provided Kevin and Paul great enjoyment. Kevin continues as Course Director for road scholar and lectures to about 10 groups a year.


Elderhostellers at Little Butser

  Other Museums  

the Brunel Engine House

The Brunel Engine House

Between 1997 and 2000 Kevin Flude took over direction of the development of the Museum of Garden History's Curatorial Services, achieving a Carnegie grant to enable the establishment of an innovative web site.

In 1998 -2001 CHR took over the day to day management of the Brunel Engine House in Rotherhithe. Visitor numbers increased by 265%, the Museum's first web site was put up on the Web and a new display on the Miner's Life created..

Museum of Garden History Web Project

  Theatre Museum Walks  

Central St Martins students

Central Saint Martin's Students

In 2003 CHR won a tender to organise Guided Walks for the Theatre Museum. The walks, which continued until the Museum announced its closure in 2006, explored the history of Theatre in the West End and the area around Covent Garden.


Theatremuseum walk

Theatre Museum Walks

  University Teaching  

View out of the window of Red Lion Sq

View out of the window of the Creative Practice for Narrative Environments studio, Red Lion Sq

In 2003 Kevin Flude was part of the team that created and and validated, a new course called 'Creative Practice in Narrative Environments'. The course came out of a belief that new technology and the heritage lottery fund needed a new generation of practitioners used to working in multi-disciplinary teams to make the most of the opportunities a new environment and new technology created. Since 2004 Kevin has been on the course team and the course has been very successful.

In 2004, Kevin was appointed to teach the Museums module at the University of Worcester, which he has continued to do each spring every since.

In 2007 Kevin was appointed 'Honorary Lecturer at UCL where he is teaching the 'Digitization and Museums' module in the Museums Studies programme.

  The Future  

Camden Market

The current plan is to complete the rebranding of Cultural Heritage Resources as 'And Did Those Feet' and to take the experience gained from 20 plus years in the Heritage Industry to help develop an innovative series of projects.

stone wall

Smithfield Gate

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Four Humours of Shakespeare

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The Four Humours of Shakespeare by Kevin Flude





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