The City of London Walk

2000 years of History.


The Walks provides an introduction to 2000 Years of London's history. It concentrates on the period of the Romans to the 17th Century but provides a framework to understand the present day City. The walk uses actual remains and visible evidence to evoke an understanding of the Past and introduces the techniques that archaeologists and historians use to uncover the past.

The walk is lead by a Museum Curator or an Archaeologist and is led by someone experienced in taking School groups around the City.


START Wood Street

Fore Street – first place bombed in the Blitz

St Alphage Roman Wall – Roman City Wall

Ruins of St Alphage Church – once St Mary Elsing Spital Monastery

John Wesley Memorial – where he felt God touch his heart

Museum of London

St. Botulph's Church - 18th Century Church

Little Britain

Smithfield - Place of execution for Heretics, and Brave Heart - William Wallace

St. Bartholemew's the Great - Medieval Monastery and Tudor Parish Church

Fortunes of War Tavern - The Body Snatchers Pub!

Cock Lane Boy - where the Great Fire of London ended

NEWGATE PRISON & THE OLD BAILEY – Hanging Breakfasts at the Magpie and Stump and other Newgate Stories


The walk lasts approximately 2 hours, but allow extra time for any extra visits. Cost £3.50 per pupil, £75 minimum charge. Contact: Kevin Flude 0208 806 3742, CHR 249 Evering Road, London E5 8AL, email web:

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