Roman and Early Medieval England


Roman & Early Medieval England

This London-based program focusses on Roman, Early Christian and Dark Age Archaeology in Britain. Lectures explore the legacy of the conquering Romans, the coming of Christianity to England and the treasures of the 'Dark Ages'.

Field trips in London will take us to investigate some of the world's most renown antiquities in the Britain Museum and the Museum of London.

The course includes Four full-day field trips outside of London will take us to St. Albans, which was an important Roman Town known as Verulamium, with its extensive Roman remains and lavish mosaics; to Fishbourne Palace in Sussex, the largest single Roman building uncovered in Britain, to the ancient cathedral city of Canterbury, one of the most venerated medieval shrines, and to the spar town of Bath, its splendour famous in both the Roman and Georgian periods. We will also enjoy an excursion through the City of London and a visit to Lullingstone Roman villa famous for its early Christian 4th Century Wall Paintings.

Extracurricular activities will include a night-time tour of London, a visit to St Martin's-in-the-Fields for a concert (schedule permitting) and a welcome and farewell gathering.


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Butser Ancient Farm

Canterbury Council

Fishbourne Palace

The Atlantic Celts Web

Lullingstone Roman Villa

Roman Baths, Bath

St Albans Museums

Museum Of London

How did the Romans Do Maths

Costs in the Roman World

How Much is it worth? -

value of money in the past

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  Book List  


The Battle For Gaul, Caesar, Julius (ed Anne & Peter Wiseman).

Chatto And Windus Ltd London 1989 Describes Britain in the Prehistoric Period

The Isles, Davis, Norman

Macmillan, 1999 Great book on Britain's history

Citisights Guide To London, Flude, Kevin

Author's Choice Press ( ISBN 0-595-18147-3.

In Their Own Words , Flude, Kevin

Available on-line An Anthology of Quotes from the Celtic, Roman and Dark Ages (photocopied version available)

Classics On-Line

The Atlantic Celts - Ancient People Or Modern Invention?, James, Simon

British Museum Press Interesting polemic about Celts

Heart Of The City, Rowsome, Peter

Museum Of London, 2000 Excavation report that provides a history of London

The History Of The Kings Of Britain, Geoffrey Of Monmouth (trans Lewis Thorpe)

Penguin Books, 1966 Entertaining & Dubious (?) legends of Britain

Guided By A Stone Mason, Thomas Maud

I B Taurus Great book to understand Church building

Britain And The End Of The Roman Empire, Dark, Ken

Tempus 2000 Latest book on the subject



Archaeogenetics: Dna And The Population Prehistory Of Europe, Renfrew and Boyle, Edited by

Oxbow Books 2000.

Museum Guides, Various

Various Guides to Butser, Fishbourne, Verulamium, Bath etc.



The Celtic World , Cunliffe, Barry

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Iron Age Britain , Cunliffe, Barry.

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Prehistoric London, Merriman, N

Museum Of London, 1991 Really the only book on the subject



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English Heritage

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I Claudius, Graves, Robert

Penguin Based on Tacitus, good read

London, Rutherford, Edward

Arrow, 1997 Fiction but gives an intro. to history of London

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Next Guided Walks:

Sat 2.30 18th Nov 2017 The Archaeology & History of Chelsea  - From King Offa to the Swinging 60s - Sloane Square Tube 

Sat 2.30 2 Dec 2017 Myths, Legends and the Origins of London - Tower Hill Tube

Sat 10.45 16 Dec 2017 Exploring Roman London - a Literary & Archaeology Guide Tower Hill Tube 

Sat 10.45 30 Dec 2017 Medieval & Reformation London  - Smithfield to the Guildhall  - Barbican Underground 

Sat 10.45 13 Jan 2018  Cromwell and More's Tudor London - St Pauls Tube Exit 2 


Sat 2.30 27 Jan 2018 William Shakespeare and Tudor & Stuart London -  Tower Hill Tube  

Sat 2.30 10 Feb 2018 The Archaeology & History of Southwark - From London Bridge to Bermondsey Abbey - London Bridge - Tooley Street exit

Sat 2.30 24 Feb 2018 The Archaeology & History of Rotherhithe - Rotherhithe Tube


Sat 2.30 10 March 2018 Cornhill - City of London Ward Walk -  Bank Tube Station Exit 3


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