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London is a metropolis of over 6.7 million people, covering an area of 157,944 hectares. It is generously provided with open space amounting to more than 10% of the total area. London encompasses no less than three cities within its boundaries, the City of London, Westminster, and Southwark.

London is governed by its Mayor, currently Ken Livingstone, but his powers are quite weak. He has control over transport and a strategic, coordinating role elsewhere. But most of the power remains with the 30 London Boroughs and the City Corporation.

This situation reflects a long standing fear of a unified London held by successive Governments. In the medieval period the King controlled Westminster and so did not want the City, as it expanded, to take control of this area. Therefore the City's ancient bounds were confirmed as they were in the 13th Century.

Thereafter the City refused to take control of the troublesome poor areas around the City until the London County Council was set up in 1888. But, the Conservative Government of Lord Salisbury weakened the new creation by establishing London Boroughs who were given most of the powers.

In 1965, the Conservatives reformed the LCC into the Greater London Council - partly because London had grown beyond the bounds of the LCC but partly to create a polity that might not always return a Labour Council. They were successful for a time but in the 1980's, The Conservative Government of Mrs Thatcher, abolished the GLC as it was controlled by what she saw as a 'Looney Left' Council under the control of one Ken Livingstone. Power was returned to the Boroughs.

In 2000 the Labour Government of Tony Blair set up a new Greater London Authority. It is designed to be streamlined (i.e. most of the power remains with the Boroughs) and run by an elected Mayor because local government in Britain has fallen into such disrepute that elected mayors was considered to be the only way to reinvigorate a very sick part of the political nation.

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