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Archaeology has the power to show that our histories are often little more than myths. Recent archaeological discoveries have completely changed our understanding of the history of London, and advances in genetic analysis is casting doubts on cherished ideas of anglo-saxons and celts.

Once we believed that London had prehistoric origins - archaeology has shown there is no Celtic City underlying Londinium. Our interpretation of the Dark Ages suggested that the collapse of Roman rule lead to a savage decline in the population of London - we now know that the decline started much earlier - in the Second Century AD, symptomatic of a failure of Roman Civilization to fully adapt to the British situation.

We used to believe that the English were all descended from invading Anglo-saxons, Stephen Oppenheimer shows that 75% percent of us are descended from relatives of the Basques, and can claim to be indigenous, not only not Anglo-Saxon but predating the Celts.

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