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When I discovered what the enemy's plans were, I led the army to the River Thames and the Territory of Cassivellaunus. There is only one place where the river can be forded, and even there with difficulty. When we reached it, I noticed large enemy forces drawn up on the opposite bank. The bank had also been fortified with sharp stakes fixed along it, and, as I discovered from prisoners and deserters, similar stakes had been driven into the river bed and were concealed beneath the water.

I immediately gave orders for the cavalry to go ahead and the legions to follow them. As the infantry crossed, only their heads were above the water, but they pressed on with such speed and determination that both infantry and cavalry were able to attack together. The enemy, unable to stand up to this combined force, abandoned the river bank and took to flight

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'In their own words' is a collection of quotations from the Pre-Roman, Roman and Post-Roman periods.
The quotations are linked by a commentary on the events of the period to put them into context.

To download a free copy see below: It is inAdobe Acrobat (PDF) format. This requires you to have the Adobe Acrobat reader. However, most computers built within the past few years have the Acrobat reader included with the software that came installed on your computer. If you don't have it, it is free for download at:

In Their Own words PDF (222kb)

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