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The Medieval Pilgrimage Industry


Pilgrims Leaving the Tabard, Southwark

Pilgrims Leaving the Tabard, Southwark

The relics lead to the original leisure industry - the Pilgrimage:

Bifil that in that seson on a day,
In southwerk at the tabard as I lay
Redy to wenden on my pilgrymage
To caunterbury with ful devout corage,
At nyght was come into that hostelrye
Wel nyne and twenty in a compaignye,
Of sondry folk, by aventure yfalle
In felaweshipe, and pilgrimes were they alle,
That toward caunterbury wolden ryde

Prologue, Cantebury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer




Lecture by Kevin Flude - prepared for 'Creative Practice in Narrative Environments'

MA course at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design & developed for University College Worcester

Last updated 28th February 2008

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