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Sir Hans Sloane


sir hans sloane portraitSir Hans Sloane and Jamica

Sir Hans Sloane and his trip to Jamaica

The greatest of the 18th Century Collector was in Chelsea in the Manor House, owned by Royal Physician Sir Hans Sloane. A very wealthy man and the populiser of Milk Chocolate for its medicinal properties.

He began his botanical collection while accomanpaning the Duke of Albermarle in Jamiaca as his personal physician.


  Chelsea Manor House

His vast collection, originally stored in his house in Bloomsbury, was moved to King Henry VIII's manor house in Chelsea.

He offered it to the Nation for 20,000 and the Government paid for it by the last public lottery until modern times. It opened in Bloomsbury in 1753 as the world's first secular national museum

Sir Hans Sloane (from Wikipedia) . Image from wikipedia of Sir Hans Sloane

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